GST Registration with Aadhar Authentication

On 20th of August 2020 the CBIC has introduced Aadhar Authentication for GST Registration. Though this method is kept optional. However, we recommended to authenticate through Aadhar keeping in the mind the benefits of authenticating.

So essentially there will be two options for registering under GST :
1) Aadhar Authentication based
2) Physical Verification or Document Verification

One of the major benefits of authenticating aadhar during GST registration is that the registration will happen within 3 days. In case the officer doesn’t approve within 3 days the GST registration will be deemed approved.

In case not authenticated the timeline is of 21 days. There could be additional documents demanded by the officer as well. The officer might want to do a physical verification as well.

One of the concerns of tax payers would be about the security of using Aadhar, the GST department is allowing VID [Virtual ID]


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